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District Board Meeting - June 6, 2018 - Wednesday, Jun 06, 2018
District Board Meeting - June 20, 2018 - Wednesday, Jun 20, 2018
District Board Meeting - July 18, 2018 - Wednesday, Jul 18, 2018
District Board Meeting - August 1, 2018 - Wednesday, Aug 01, 2018
District Board Meeting - August 15, 2018 - Wednesday, Aug 15, 2018
District Board Meeting - September 5, 2018 - Wednesday, Sep 05, 2018
District Board Meeting - October 3, 2018 - Wednesday, Oct 03, 2018
District Board Meeting - October 17, 2018 - Wednesday, Oct 17, 2018
District Board Meeting -November 7, 2018 - Wednesday, Nov 07, 2018
District Board Meeting -November 21, 2018 - Wednesday, Nov 21, 2018
District Board Meeting - December 5, 2018 - Wednesday, Dec 05, 2018
District Board Meeting - December 19, 2018 - Wednesday, Dec 19, 2018

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This morning MOFD crews responded to a fully involved garage fire on the 100 block of Corliss in Moraga. As a result of rapid actions by the first arriving crews, the fire did not spread to the rest of the house and was contained to the garage. .. Full Story

Progress on the Station 43 construction progress is continuing according to schedule. Today marked a critical milestone as 36 reinforced concrete piers were drilled and poured. Each pier is 20’ deep and 2’ wide and, due to the soil composition, were drilled and immediately poured. This is a complex operation on any project and was made even more challenging by the small size of our job site and the number of people and vehicles required to carry it out. .. Full Story

Each year in mid-April the Fire District sends out over 13,000 postcards advising property owners of the June 15th deadline to abate their properties to be in compliance with the Moraga-Orinda Fire District’s Exterior Hazard Control Standards (/LiteratureRetrieve.aspx?ID=196457). All District property owners have a shared responsibility to provide a fire safe environment and maintain their property free of exterior fire hazards throughout the fire season. Abundant rainfall has led to excessive growth of plants and grasses this year. The annual growth of grasses can change from beautiful green to a very flammable brown in just a few weeks. The opportunity to get the work done after the rain has stopped and before the fire season starts can be a very narrow window. Planning to get this work done sooner will reduce wildfire risk. Each year the State of California experiences a number of significant large fires in early June which reinforces the need.. Full Story

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