Exterior Hazard Abatement Requirements

Posted: 10-Jul-2018

Each year in mid-April the Fire District sends out over 13,000 postcards advising property owners of the June 15th deadline to abate their properties to be in compliance with the Moraga-Orinda Fire District’s Exterior Hazard Control Standards.

All District property owners have a shared responsibility to provide a fire safe environment and maintain their property free of exterior fire hazards throughout the fire season. Abundant rainfall has led to excessive growth of plants and grasses this year. The annual growth of grasses can change from beautiful green to a very flammable brown in just a few weeks. 

The opportunity to get the work done after the rain has stopped and before the fire season starts can be a very narrow window. Planning to get this work done sooner will reduce wildfire risk. Each year the State of California experiences a number of significant large fires in early June which reinforces the need to have our vegetation management done early in the season.

Property owners can also schedule a free FireWise assessment, which the District offers as a customized tool to reduce risk on individual parcels. To schedule a FireWise assessment, please call 925-258-4525, Ext. 524.

It is not the District’s intent to insinuate that property owners are currently in violation of the law. Violation only occurs if the specified work is not completed prior to the compliance date of June 15th. 

Inspections of properties will start the week following the compliance date of June 15th. If properties are inspected and found to be non-compliant, our staff will follow a legal process of notices, which can result in the District contracting to have the work done and a lien placed on the property to recover our costs.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a property, please feel free to contact the MOFD Fire Prevention Division at (925) 258-4525 ext. 524. Complaints will be taken after the June 15th compliance date and we will inspect properties for compliance and follow-up with the owners.

The Moraga-Orinda Fire District is thankful to all of the citizens who make fire safety a priority. Together, we can share the responsibility in making our communities fire safe.


Kathy Leonard
Fire Marshal