Press Release - November 14, 2012

Posted: 15-Nov-2012

ORINDA, CA - On Wednesday evening the Moraga-Orinda Fire District (MOFD) held workshops to assist new Board Members in their roles as elected officials and to present the District’s Draft Long Range Financial Forecast. The meeting also included an announcement by MOFD Board President Fred Weil that labor negotiations with Firefighters Local 1230 were placed on hold until the spring of 2013. After the Board emerged from closed session, President Weil made the following announcement:

“The recent passage of pension reform legislation prompted the District to suggest a negotiations “time out” to evaluate the pension reform impact on the District’s labor contracts. We believe that a negotiated contract is preferable to imposing terms and conditions of employment. However, for many reasons, after diligent good faith negotiations by both sides over a period of nearly 2 years, the District and 1230 could not reach an agreement that, in the judgment of the Board, would allow the District to maintain service levels and fiscal sustainability. The Board had provided a last, best and final proposal and was prepared to move the process to completion to protect service levels and fiscal sustainability, when State pension reform legislation was suddenly passed by the Legislature. Pension reform will help accomplish the District's goals to some degree but the exact implications for the District require further study prior to moving forward. The negotiations “time out” will continue to hold firefighter salary schedules and health insurance contributions at 2010 levels until changed through a negotiated agreement or imposition. It is our hope that fruitful negotiations will take place in 2013 that will lead to a contract acceptable to all parties.”

For additional information, please contact Fire Chief Randall Bradley at (925) 258-4500.