Administrative Services

Gloriann Sasser

Gloriann Sasser, Administrative Services

Administrative Services is managed by the Administrative Services Director Gloriann Sasser.  Administrative Services encompasses the Human Resources, Finance and IT Divisions.  Human Resources is responsible for recruiting, employee relations and communications, personnel policies and procedures, classification and compensation, labor negotiations, workers compensation, employee record keeping, benefits administration and risk management oversight.  The Finance Division is responsible for financial policies, cash management and investments, accounting and budgeting, long-range finance forecasting, accounts receivable/payable, payroll, purchasing and fixed asset programs.  The IT Division is responsible for improving and maintaining the computer network system of the District and providing the most current technology necessary for the flow of information, as well as industry specific applications for all Fire personnel. 

Human Resources Documents

Base Monthly Salary Grades 3.1.14 (59 KB)

Employee Benefit Schedule and Relevant Information 09/2013 (153 KB)

Employee Benefits Schedule and Relevant Information (195 KB)

Employee Benefits Schedule and Relevant Information 01/01/13 (86 KB)

Memorandums of Understanding and other Employment Documents

MOFD Employment Application 2013 (434 KB)

MOU-Battalion Chief (120 KB)

MOU-Local 1230 (237 KB)

MOU-Local 2700 (12860 KB)


Financial Documents

District Budgets

2013-2014 Budget (4007 KB)

2012-2013 Budget (967 KB)

2011-2012 Budget (3324 KB)

2010-2011 Budget (715 KB)

2009-2010 Budget (568 KB)

2008-2009 Budget (348 KB)

2007-2008 Budget (2523 KB)

District Financials

2012-2013 Financials (1744 KB)

2011-2012 Financials (225 KB)

2010-2011 Financials (1736 KB)

2009-2010 Financials (1687 KB)

2008-2009 Financials (9242 KB)

2007-2008 Financials (7864 KB)


Long Range Financial Forecast

2013 Long Range Financial Plan (870 KB)