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Forms and Fact Sheets

10 Ways to Improve Your Defensible Space (67 KB)

All Risk Education Information (109 KB)

Alternate Materials & Methods (135 KB)

Application for Address Change and/or Addition (95 KB)

Application for Fire District Fire Code Permit (159 KB)

Application for Plan Review (138 KB)

Application for Release of Incident Report (118 KB)

Authorization to Disclose Medical Information (159 KB)

Bonfires & Recreational Fires (107 KB)

California Home Fire Sprinkler Fact Sheet (1237 KB)

Carbon Monoxide Detector Information (526 KB)

Chimney, Fireplace & Woodstove Fire Safety (92 KB)

Citizen Complaint Form (182 KB)

Closure Guidelines for Aboveground Hazardous Materials Storage Facilities (290 KB)

Disallowed Vegetation List (63 KB)

Disaster Preparedness Checklist (202 KB)

Evacuating Campus Buildings After a Fire Alarm (250 KB)

Fire Apparatus Access Standards (331 KB)

Fire Pit Fact Sheet (83 KB)

Fireworks Information (170 KB)

Guidelines for Mowing Weeds (55 KB)

Holiday Tips (77 KB)

Knox Box Fact Sheet (97 KB)

Large Family Day Care (122 KB)

Liquefied Petroleum Gases Permit Requirements (139 KB)

Model Rockets Help Sheet (101 KB)

Outdoor Carnivals (95 KB)

Outdoor Recreational Fireplaces (90 KB)

Personal Portable Pumps (160 KB)

Public Records Request (137 KB)

Small Family Daycare Check List (94 KB)

Smoke Alarm Placement (986 KB)

Smoke Alarm Placement Diagram (1322 KB)

Smoke Detector Placement Program (286 KB)

Submittal Application Procedures (104 KB)

Tents (123 KB)

Weed Abatement Contractor List (68 KB)

Wildfire Hazard Assessment Standards (112 KB)

Wildfire Notices FAQ (99 KB)