Knox Key Boxes

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In the Moraga-Orinda Fire District, key boxes/key switches are not required for most buildings. However, owners or managers may wish to provide a key box and keys for Fire District access to the interior of a building especially where locked doors make access to the building difficult. The decision whether or not to provide a key box and keys rests with the building owner or manager except in the following cases.

Key Boxes are REQUIRED for:

  • Buildings where access to fire protection systems or alarm systems are hindered due to locked doors preventing access.
  • Buildings with elevator systems that have fire control capabilities.
  • Buildings that are required by code to provide direct entry access for firefighters. For example occupancies containing high pile storage or "big box stores," are required to install key cylinders keyed to the District master keying system. This provision necessitates interaction with a District representative for further information, please call (925) 258-4599.

Knox Rapid Entry Key Switches

Gates are not permitted to obstruct fire department access. In situations where property owners elect to install electronic gates across a fire department access roadway a key switch must be installed. Additionally, gates installations across all public roadways and across private roadways/driveways, deemed to be a Fire Department access road, that serve single family homes, multiple homes, or complexes are also required to submit plans including specifications, dimensions, location, address, and property owner contact information for review and approval prior to installation. This provision necessitates interaction with a District representative for further information, please call (925) 258-4599.

Key Switches are required for:

  • Properties where an electronic gate obstructs access where the distance from the gate to the furthest portion of any structure on the property is greater than 150 feet.

Order On-line

You may now order your Key Box or Key Switch on-line, directly from the Knox Company. Simply visit the Knox website and select the product you wish to order, enter the zip code of the installation address and confirm that Moraga-Orinda Fire Protection District is the jurisdiction you wish your box/switch to be keyed to and lastly submit payment. Fire District approval and signature are no longer required.

More Information

For more information, specifications, installation locations and inspection information download the Fire District's Key Box/Switch Installation Standard