Fuels Mitigation & Fire Prevention

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Fuel Mitigation Deadline is June 15th!  Please ensure that your properties are ready for fire season by creating and maintaining your defensible space.  Compliance Inspections will begin on June 15, 2020.

The Fire Prevention Division is tasked with providing the highest level of fire prevention through public education, inspection, code enforcement and detailed plan review. Under the Direction of the Fire Marshal, the Fire Prevention Division personnel strive to provide the public with the most updated information available to safely protect their home or place of business from fire and hazards. Fire Prevention has proven to be the most effective way to reduce loss of life and property.

Wildfire risk reduction efforts are guided by the Strategic Wildfire Reduction Plan which identifies seven mutually supporting lines of effort.  Wildfire Prevention Strategic Plan

Hazardous Wildfire Fuels Reduction Program

The Moraga Orinda Fire District Exterior Hazard Control Ordinance is designed to minimize fire danger by controlling the density and arrangement of hazardous vegetation. The goal is to maintain trees and vegetation that benefit a property while removing combustible material and hazardous vegetation that provides a fuel source for wildfire.  Review the Hazardous Wildfire Fuels Reduction Program web-page for additional information.

 Why Did Only One Side of This Home Burn?

Why is Defensible Space So Important? from IBHS on Vimeo.

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Understanding Vegetation Management in the Moraga-Orinda Fire District.  Fire Chief David Winnacker explains how residents can reduce our community wildfire risk by properly managing vegetation on their property.

How to Limb up trees to 6 feet off the ground.  Limb up trees to allow for a minimum of a 6” air gap between the lowest branches and the ground.

Cut bushes, shrubs and trees so they are separated and don’t create a “fire fuel ladder”.  Ladder fuels are those combustible materials (both live and dead) that provide a path for a surface fire to climb up into the crowns trees.

Maintain roofs and gutters free of dead leaves and pine needles Embers are the number 1 cause of structure loss in a wildfire, keep your gutters and rood clear of combustible debris.

Vegetation Management: What Right and Wrong Look Like


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