Wood Chipper Program

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Community Wood Chipping Program

Moraga-Orinda Fire District is continuing our free-of-charge community chipping service. The program runs year round to assist residents in reducing vegetation by facilitating the chipping of material produced in quantities too large for green bins and too small for commercial chipping providers. Service may be limited during peak fire season. Please see below for frequently asked questions about the program.

WHAT CAN I CHIP? Limbs; brush, shrubs, and small trees up to 6” diameter.  No grass, hay, leaves, or individual pieces weighing more than 80 pounds. No staples, nails, barbed wire, vines, poison oak, or fencing of any kind.

WHO CAN PARTICIPATE IN THE MOFD CHIPPER PROGRAM? Any resident of the Moraga Orinda Fire District. There must be a minimum of five homeowners in a neighborhood, or a half days work for a single home, which will be determined by a MOFD representative. Neighborhoods are encouraged to organize to schedule a day for chipping. This will dramatically increase the effectiveness of the program by reducing travel time from site to site.

WILL MOFD CUT THE VEGETATION I WANT REMOVED? No. MOFD will chip material that has already been cut and stacked by the roadside.

I AM HAVING A LARGE TREE REMOVED BY A PROFESSIONAL TREE SERVICE, WILL MOFD CHIP IT AFTER IT HAS BEEN TAKEN DOWN? No. The community chipping program is designed for branches, brush, and small trees up to 6” diameter with individual pieces weighing less than 80 pounds.

WHERE SHOULD I PLACE VEGETATION TO BE CHIPPED? Within 10 feet of roadside, and off the pavement in a manner that does not interfere with vehicular traffic flow or visibility along roadside.  Piles must not be located on steep hillsides, or areas unsafe for personnel.  Piles are NOT to exceed 4 feet in height.  In order to maximize the program’s effectiveness, MOFD personnel will not carry material beyond 10 feet.  

WHAT CAN’T GO THROUGH THE CHIPPER? Only vegetation can go through the chipper. No fence posts, scrap wood, lattice, tree stakes, or dimensional lumber of any kind.  All pieces must weigh less than 80 pounds to facilitate movement and handling.

HOW DO I STACK THE VEGETATION MATERIALS TO BE CHIPPED? Parallel to the roadway with all cut stems facing the same direction to facilitate loading into the chipper. Please stack the material orderly, our crews should not have to untangle the material.


WHERE DO CHIPS GO? Chips can be re-broadcast back onto the property or MOFD does offer a free haul-away service to be used when chips are not appropriate to be broadcast back onto the property.

WHERE CAN I OBTAIN MORE INFORMATION? Contact the MOFD Fuels Mitigation Staff at mofdaid@mofd.org or 925-258-4525

MOFD Wood Chipper Request Form