Becoming a Firefighter

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Firefighting is a very fulfilling career with many rewards. Like many careers, becoming a firefighter begins with a foundation in education. At the District you must possess a valid State of California Paramedic license with ACLS and CPR certification to be considered for appointment. You must also be 18 years old, a high school graduate (or equivalent), have completed one consecutive year of full-time, paid experience as a paramedic in a primary 911 transporting agency, have current standing on the FCTC Statewide Eligibility List,  successful completion of the CPAT,  and possess a valid California driver's license.

The hiring process is very competitive so these minimums should be considered a starting point. Firefighter candidates also face very thorough background investigations and medical examinations. Many new firefighters have degrees in fire science or related fields and coursework in state certification programs already underway - a requirement for future promotional opportunities.